Rain, Rain Go Awayyy!

Sounds familiar?

An old nursery rhyme, that we used to sing.  As children, we want to play outdoors, that is why we sing this.  Is it really to shoo the rain away.

Anyway, it is very humid in the Philippines for the past few months, and we have been asking for rain to somehow cool down the humidity and temperature that we feel.

Yesterday, it was May first, and I was anticipating that rain will come. No rain.

However, very early this morning, I've heard that it rained outside.

Wonderful. My Lola used to say, that when the first drop of rain comes in, we need to take a shower, that I failed to do.  I don't know the rationale, but it is an old tradition I guess.

May 1 has been marked as Labor day, and I was busy creating stock watch list for the month of May. And so I was laboring to get the stocks that will rally and give me profits for May 🙂

Minda Paule

MINDA PAULE is a Certified Public Accountant, has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), financial advisor, professor, daughter, sister, author and, soon to be an entrepreneur. She is also the founder of mindapaule.com aka Money Planner, and passionately share about the need to increase financial literacy to every Filipino citizen.